Successful Teacher and Coach even though becoming a Quadriplegic James Perdue delivers with humility, humor and gratitude to motivate people to triumph over tragedies. James' wit engages audiences as they hear his inspirational story.

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James Perdue Ed.D. and Ricardo

Dr. Perdue's message, his wisdom, and his gut honesty about life has helped future teacher be more aware of the needs of the populations that they will be serving. His approach to a very sensitive subject puts his audience at ease while at the same time opening up the communication between the audience and himself. The best part is his story is it is still unfolding. I can't wait to look back in ten years to see where he is then.

                                             --Dr. Andrew Bruce Battles
                                                 Western Kentucky Professor

Dr. Perdue delivers with humility, humor and gratitude awe-struck people want to hear more from the man. James' wit engages audiences as they hear his inspirational story. He strips away excuses for anyone not achieving goals. He is truly an advocate for "wheelchair people" whose legs are handicapped not their brains!                                                                                     --Jane G. Marshall, DTM                            Tennessee Storytelling Association Board

James works with organizations that want to overcome adversities, accept challenges as an opportunity to achieve and realize that success can come from failures.

How do you deal with adversities? How do you handle unexpected change and challenges? James Perdue’s inspiring life story and unique message is used to assist others not only by accepting adversity, but also teach people to triumph over their tragedies and be successful. He has often been underestimated by others and he has consistently proven them wrong.  

James will demonstrate the confidence you need to persevere past your paralysis and conquer challenges in the future; the same kind of confidence he used to become an educator and coach, completing his doctorate degree, and now a Motivational/Inspirational Speaker after become a quadriplegic at the age of nineteen.

James has been featured on:


Dr. James Perdue on Sports Spectrum Ministries 


Perdue’s Three P’s to Overcoming Adversity

In this presentation, Dr. Perdue teaches the audience the three important P’s, perseverance, patience, and power, that enabled him to gain the strength to overcome adversity. The audience will learn from his experience and ready to deal with adversity in their own lives.

 Audience members will:

  • Learn the 3 Point Strategy to Cope with Change.
  • Learn When You Think You’re weak – You Can be at Your Strongest.
  • Learn Challenges in Life are Inevitable.

Hope Comes in Different Forms: Ask Ricardo

In this presentation, Dr. Perdue uses his canine companion, Ricardo, to demonstrate the assistance he provides for independence. There are different forms of support that can help over challenges. Don’t be paralyzed by fear. 

Audience members will:

  • Learn How Being Fearless is Needed to Conquer Adversity.
  • Learn to Take on Life's Change with Courage.
  • Learn to Persevere Past Paralysis - Your Fears.

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